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LUKE 23 | A Plus & B-Girl Quest

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Luke 23: Read or Listen


Luke 23 is an intense chapter seeing Jesus be brought to trial under two people, being found guilty by the lead of the crowd, and then crucified and buried. This is OUR Lord and OUR best friend being literally manhandled back and forth, and given the worst death possible and dying. There is so much of me that wants to stand up and FIGHT when I read this chapter, but the truth is....I was a sinner, like all of mankind. I was there in the crowd. It was mankind that crucified Jesus. It was mankind that fell to the peer pressure through Pilate. It was mankind that screamed, "CRUCIFY HIM", in the crowd. However, because of His amazing grace for us, Jesus still took on our sins to be able to clean our slate before God, as we step into a relationship with Jesus. It's a crazy roller coaster of emotions realizing we put Jesus through the worst, but He accepted it so that we might be with Him in Heaven.


The challenge now is in the day-to-day standing with Christ. Seeking His truth on day-to-day topics to not fall into the crowd. As believers we have the Holy Spirit to counsel us and the Word of God to empower us. Just take a moment to thank Jesus for what He did for you on the cross 2000 years ago and watch Him fill you with His love. He had - and has for you as he died for your sins so that you could TRULY LIVE TODAY.

A-Plus & B-girl Quest

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