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Evan Peet 

Proverbs 12

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Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.
Proverbs 12:1 NIV

Are you satisfied with where you are? 

In the hip hop world, they say,” skills are currency,” it means that your reputation creates opportunity for you. What do you do is it rhyming, graffiti, dancing or beat making we all know someone that we just look at their skill and we are in awe? 

When I look at some of the contributors, I am blown away by Dyzee’s moves or Fasm’s pieces. But I know they didn’t start like that, no one started like that. The difference between good and great is the D word. Discipline. 

Over my life I have known a lot of people with natural ability but I have seen many that never realized their potential because they rest on their gifting and did not spend the time to improve themselves and aim at perfecting their craft. For me growing up wasn’t sure where my gifting lie, I loved Hip Hop so I tried my hand at all of it. I Breakdanced, poorly, I painted a little better, I rhymed a little better still but although I love my art it will always be more a hobby for me. I found that my gifting was in preaching, but I didn’t just want to be a guy that could speak in my youth group. To go to the next level, I went and studied the Bible, I also studied other great speakers I admired, I read books to grow my vocabulary. And I preached any chance I got I didn’t start as a Pastor I started in a nursing home or preaching in the streets. And now I am living my dream preaching for a living and Pastoring a church called Bridge CC in NYC. 

See you might have some skill and you look at a guy who is in the position you want to be and say I can do that. But the truth is you don’t know the price they paid to get where they are. 

I love Basketball and I know Michael Jordan can play but do you know how hard he worked to get where he got? Do you know how many shots he took when no one was looking to hit that buzzer beater to win a championship?

Will smith who went from,” Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh prince,” an MC in Philly to one of the most recognized actors on the planet he said, “You might be more talented than me but you will not out work me.”

The second half of this verse is important too; you have to learn to listen. The bible keeps it real here it says if you don’t listen to feedback you are stupid. Even though I hate watching myself preach I watch my own work to see where I went wrong. I regularly get people to critique my work and sometimes it hurts but it helps me get better. 

Such a short verse but if you live it can have a profound impact on your life. 

Evan (Werd) Peet 

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