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As I am Preparing to read another incredible letter from the Apostle Paul…. I always get pumped on Paul’s writings because when I first found the Lord I felt like I could relate best with Paul because he was a sinner who found the lord. I didn’t realize back then that we’re all sinners!


Right off the bat the CSB version titles the beginning “unity and diversity in the body of Christ”

I remember immediately that we are the body of Christ. Each and every one of us. Not each brick and mortar building that holds a service but each individual. Black, white, brown, rich, poor, single, married, hurt, healed, a diverse group of sinners in need of a savior!


The Apostle Paul lays it all out for us in Ephesians 4

First in

-Vs1. he is telling us to walk worthy in the calling we have received. What is this calling he’s talking about???

Remember the “The great commision”

Mathew 28:16-20

He’s reminding us we’ve been called to make disciples and share gospel, and to take it seriously!


-Vs2. Paul reminds us to be humble, kind and loving while we work to spread the good news


-Vs3-4. We are encouraged to work together to accomplish this goal, because we are one body-the body of Christ … his church


-Vs5-6. Just as we are one there is only one God and he is everywhere in all things


-Vs7-10. Gets a little tricky here… I think what is being said is that His grace is sufficient for us, he gave us this as a gift, a gift for all, the ones who were suffering or not. He alone was a gift, he ascending and sits on the highest throne, the one true king, but he also knew what it was to be a man when he descended and lived among us! No one knows us better


-Vs11-13. As he gave us, his church the gift of his grace, he also gave us other members with gifts to pour into us, to train us up so one day we all will measure up to be Christlike


-Vs14-16. Once we’ve grown into this new Christ like version of ourselves, we will be prepared to keep our minds focused on HIM and HIS ways. We will not be easily influenced by the deceit of the world. We will all be able to come together as a team, each with a certain skill to aid the other for the kingdom of god!


-Vs17-19. We are urged to not live in the darkness the the world does. The world is far from God they have lost their way


-Vs20-24. We know better, we have learned the ways of Jesus, and can trust in him and deny our old worldly ways. We can let the spirit lead us because we are a new creation


-Vs25-27. Don’t lie, be honest and transparent with each other, let things go, don’t allow anger to build up in you. That’s what the enemy wants. By being angry you give him a way in.


-Vs28-30. Don’t steal, but do good things for others instead, never talk with foul or abusive language towards another person. Only speak positive to others and encourage them. And remember the Holy Spirit is with you. Make him proud.


-Vs31-32. Cleanse and purify yourself of all

The bad things you’ve held onto. Be kind and forgiving. Who are you not to forgive someone else? Are you greater than God? Remember he has already forgiven you!


Simply put… Paul wrote this letter to outline how we should be acting. Especially with each other. He is reminding us of how great the gift is that we’ve been given. Reminding us to be Christlike every day.


-Nick Ohrdorf FastLife Ministries

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