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LUKE 8 | Trevor McNevan

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Luke 8: Read or Listen

Luke 8 is such a rich chapter that covers a lot of fundamental ground for our everyday lives! My main takeaway is where Jesus shouted, “Listen with your heart and you will understand!” What a gold nugget! That if truly grasped, can be a complete life transformation.  This has been true in my own life many times. That still small voice, that stirring you feel in your spirit to do something, to text someone, to turn left instead of right, or to just simply allow ourselves to be “flexible” enough to undo the tunnel vision of our daily tasks and be listening/available to change our plans or direction to where the Lord is leading us.

Yes, the Lord desires to lead us, but it's our choice. Daily, if you ask Him to order your steps, He will. It’s a choice to wake up, and start our day saying, “Good morning, Holy Spirit! Lead me & guide me throughout this day" and then to carry on, being mindful of His stirrings and promptings here or there. This will not only bless you, but will lead you on the best adventure of your life!

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Trevor McNevan

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