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Proverbs 10 | Tim Bryne

 "We are all just one choice away from a different life"


I’ll never forget hearing these words as a young Pro Skateboarder, traveling the world and making money doing what I love. As many of you know, life is a made up by a series of choices. The idea that hit me when I heard that quote was that we never fully arrive at our destination on this side of heaven and that life is a journey that is best taken with God in our lives. 


We can set goals and have big dreams and aspirations, but we have to constantly pray and ask God to show us the blind spots of our heart. Similar to when driving a car, there are blind spots, so you have to rely on technology, instinct, and experience to see around the blind spots.


As you pray and read Proverbs 10 today, be reminded and encouraged that there is always a right way, (which is God’s Way) and there is a wrong way. The cool thing that you will discover on your journey with the Lord is that God’s grace and forgiveness is sufficient. God knows that we are not perfect and often times, just like in skateboarding we don’t always land right side up. But knowing and realizing the difference between the right side and the wrong side is the key. 


I pray that you make the right choice and follow God today and always. Placing your trust in Jesus is the greatest decision that you will ever make. God has so much in store for those that seek and fully commit their lives to Him. The good news is that we have God’s Word (The bible) to help guide and lead us. 


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