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LUKE 24 | Stien

Luke 24: Read or Listen

At times I find it really hard to trust God in my life. I can read His word, listen to someone preaching the Gospel, and even experience God's presence in my heart, yet easily forget about Him in my everyday life. I can get so concerned with staying in control over my life, that I let my flesh, expressed through my feelings and mind, lead me. 


The disciples heard Jesus talk about his death before He died, but still, when it had actually happened they were too caught up in their own lives, their own concerns and feelings, to even remember. Jesus had to show Himself, and remind them, before they caught what He had told them before He died.


That’s how I am too, I have to constantly be reminded about the gospel through reading the Bible, in order grasp it and live by it. In fact, I think that goes for everybody.


In Luke 24:5 the angel is asking the women who are mourning by Jesus' grave, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?"


Thinking about the angels question I´ve come to realize that this is exactly what I’m doing too. When I fail to keep close to God in my everyday life, I end up looking for ways to realize my dreams in my own way. I let my own selfish desires tell me what to do in order to reach my goals. And instead of seeking God about His will I pray that Jesus would help me, so it can happen the way I want it to. When I am trying to fulfill my dreams through my own spiritually dead “flesh” it can compare to the women looking for the living among the dead.


I do believe that we have desires and dreams that God has placed in our hearts. The solution for me then is to lift my eyes to The Lord, kneel before the cross, and let Jesus be the leader of my life. And only by doing that will I be able to see my life through the eyes of Jesus. Also, my own dreams and desires will align with His. I will find my life among the living.

Hope this works.


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