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Luke 17: Read or Listen

In our lifetime, one of the biggest blessings is to find our calling, our destiny written by God. The entire chapter of Luke 17 speaks to me about the stages of finding and reaching our destiny. Firstly, in Jeremiah 29:11, God says that He knows His plans for us, to prosper us and give us a hope and a future. But many times, we feel unworthy, because we aren’t perfect. Sometimes we fall to temptation, which even further makes us feel unworthy to be chosen for such an awesome destiny. It’s so awesome how God already understands that there are going to be things that cause us to sin (as Luke 17:1 says). God already knows this and has already forgiven us. However, it’s our duty to not allow our sins to affect others or cause others to stumble. No matter how crazy the destiny that God has put in our hearts may seem, He tells us in Luke 17:6 that all we need is small as a mustard seed! In my own life, I have seen mustard seeds obeying my commands (metaphorically speaking) and one of the best parts about my life is placing my faith in God and seeing Him walk beside me, leading me to the destiny He’s shown me in my heart.


Although we are constantly blessed, what does it take for us to give God all the praise? In Luke 17:11-19, only one out of the ten people who were miraculously healed by Jesus came back to give him thanks and praise. As God leads us in our journey, it’s so important to give him the thanks and praise, because if we don’t do it for Him now, are we really going to do it for him when we get there? And even when I do get there, I am going to say, as it says in Luke 17:7-10, "We are unworthy servants, we have only done our duty”. The end of the chapter goes into the coming of the kingdom of God, when the end will come. We don’t know when that will be, not even Jesus nor the angels knows, only the father (as it says in Mathew 23:36). So, knowing that we will never know when this world will end, it pushes me to work even faster and harder to complete what God has brought me here to do. Luke 17 shows us the different stages of our relationship with God starting with Sin, to Faith, to Duty and on to Destiny.

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