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 Proverbs 6:  Ben Rogers

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Prov. 6


If I was to summarize Proverbs 6 as a Dad, (which is how it’s written) I would start with the words “when it comes to money, don’t get yourself stuck in positions you can’t get out of, it’s like co-signing for a loan you can’t afford.”

“Don’t be lazy… just don’t! laziness and poverty are like best friends, ants may be small but they’re smart in how they work to store up for the winter, you could learn a thing or two from them.”


 Later in the Proverb Solomon gives his son a good idea of what God doesn’t like, in facts hates. Simply put; Pride in the eyes, lies in the mouth, hands that hurt others, a heart that dreams up ways to do wrong, feet that run to evil instead away from it, false witness, and one who breaks up families.


 I find we are always drawn to telling people what not to do, but as a dad I want to give some clarity on how to avoid or remove the things God doesn’t like. Most often getting junk out of our lives is a simple concept; gardening. I’ve killed so any plants because I forgot to water them, and in life I believe most issues we have were planted by ourselves or our parents, but the truth is regardless of who planted it, it’s ours to deal with. I advise you ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight on how to address a particular issue in your life like a plant. Some plants, like weeds do well with neglect but even weeds need water.


 Starve what you don’t want in your life, it’s as simple as guarding what you allow into your eyes and ears. The Bible says “from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” basically what goes in comes out.

 Feed what you want to grow. Start with positioning yourself to receive from God, and ask Him to help you in this. Control what you allow into your ears and your eyes, it could be a simple as reading the word, listening to some Christ focused music, putting yourself in a good church/ home group or around people you want to be like, unless those people are lazy and fit the description of traits God hates.. in which case find someone else lol.


 In regards to the warnings against prostitution or sleeping with someone’s husband or wife… don’t be an idiot, these are events that ruin lives and families. These are the hearts that dream up evil and the feet that run to it. Our hearts are often prone to desiring that which may feel good for the moment but will cost you everything, it’s like picking up hot coals, holding them against your chest and thinking you won’t get burned. This is a warning to both guys and girls, we need good people around us to keep us in check. The seed principle couldn’t be more applicable here, don’t plant the seed! and if you find its already there, don’t water it with what you watch and listen to.


 Your purity is one of the most amazing gifts, it is a crown. You are so valuable please guard your heart, and the hearts of your brothers and sisters. In closing and as a Father I want you to know; you are worth way more than you think, and you are loved always.

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