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Galatians 3
Beaver Flemming
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Abraham “Believed” God and it was credited to him as righteousness. Foresaw that Good would justify by Faith all nations would be blessed through you. So those who are in Faith God is wanting blessing to flow through. We are blessed to be a blessing. All Nations would be blessed through you. Nations in OT + People today so all people should be blessed through Christ within us.

Relying on the Works of the law puts a curse on us but God cannot bless what He cursed which is why it is also said Cursed is anyone who is hung on a pole.” Jesus took the curse upon himself restoring us to righteousness through faith. We are redeemed seen as holy in the sight of God and this gives us incredible liberation from the world becausder now we have Heavens DNA back in our body just the way God intended from the beginning. Whats a heavenly DNA look like lets see the fruits of the spirit LOVE Joy Peace Patience Kindness Gentleness Self Control these should be overflowing out of believers. Romans if anyone is In Christ He is a new creation. Lets let the old dude so the new can come alive in our life.

The promise over the Law God’s Word will not return void when we are even unfaithful he is still faithful to perform His word in sand through our lives. Let us not use this as an excuse to keep missing the mark but rather to be empowered that if God truly be for us than what be against us!


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photo by @vincent delegge

photo by @vincent delegge

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