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LUKE 21 | David Brunning

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Luke 21: Read or Listen


“By your endurance you will gain your lives.”


Really, where does one begin? Luke 21 is a verse that hits to the very heart of the matter of what we give and how we give in its opening, and for the remaining majority of the text, what the return of Christ will be like. First off, this ain’t no joke. I am not about to give my perspective on the end times, as that is between God and I, but I will write on what hit me in this chapter.


Be on guard! Take a moment to settle that racing mind of yours, breathe a bit and get focused. Open the pages, ask the Holy Spirit to meet you, start at verse 1 and then read with openness to verse 38. Stop. Do it again. I am certain that in these verses there is wisdom beyond the explanation of the end times, which will speak to your heart and convict you or move you toward God.


For the longest time I ran in disobedience. I walked in the way of sinners. I took on worldly wisdom, mixed it with Biblical truth and created a nasty, self-serving dish that brought the greatest malnutrition to my life, though I thought I was full. I was full; pride, ego, self-righteousness and a whole buffet of things. I was moved by the fullness of this text and the reality that He will return, causing in me a desire to be alert. This makes me want to prepare my heart and arrange my life to honor Him.


This chapter says a lot about Christ’s return, about signs in the heavens and on the earth. This can be unsettling sometimes. Jesus explains that when we are persecuted, He will give us wisdom in our defense that will refute our opponents! Many may leave our side, being betrayed by those we love, but He will be faithful and is faithful to keep us. So He implores us to be on guard! Do not be trapped by the worries of this world, by drunkenness, by the foolish things that distract and instead keep alert, praying and staying aware of the days ahead. Heaven and earth may pass away, but His reminder stands that His words will never pass away. So as I may suggest, get into the Word, stay in the Word and be changed by the Word!  Amen

David Brunning - The Kid Belo

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