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LUKE 14 | Andy Hunter 

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Luke 14: Read or Listen

After reading Luke 14 and living with it for sometime I’ve been reflecting on our present day and what it is to take the seat at the bottom of the table, what is it to not big ourselves up but instead to humble ourselves. I think the world we live in at the moment is getting smaller with the use of social media and some of the values that I have through my faith are what people sometimes view as outdated or irrelevant, but I disagree. I think those values speak louder than ever and it’s like they are being invited to the top of the table in our current age. So here are some thoughts to ponder:

Just be.

Be truth.
Be honest, be generous, be yourself.

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There are so many pressures we face in life. Pressures to be someone special, someone famous, someone successful. This is amplified by social media and the images we're seeing, the images we perceive to be full of adventure, excitement, glamour, having everything - the perfect life, which seems to magnify the inadequacies that we all feel. It’s not all bad, but most of social media feeds the feeling that we don’t live up to what the world views as successful.

This isn’t truth.

We need to be truth in a life that is full of people taking a snapshot of a life that is perfect when in reality its far from perfect. Be honest: Honesty shines like a light and cuts through the darkness. Honesty is so often covered up. Be generous, even though you may not get anything back because to be able to give is so rewarding. We are truly blessed when we give - to see someone’s smile is amazing. Be yourself: This is so important. God loves you for who you are right now, not who you are going to be, but right now, as you are. So be yourself to the people around you and the people on social media; just be... and let God do the rest.

Andy Hunter

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