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Luke 20 |  Chris Harrington


Luke 20: Read or Listen

Chris was born in 1990 - lived to 2018, but is alive forever with Jesus.


"I’ve always had trouble understanding parables. You may have trouble with that as well. That’s why before I wrote any of this devotional, I talked to my mentor and together we examined exactly what is being said here in Luke 20. One of the most important things to know about following Jesus is that you are never alone. If you don’t understand something it’s more than ok to ask someone for help.


When we look at the parable of the tenants in Luke 20 it’s a story about a father who has lost his land to his servants. The father tries to regain this land by first of all sending other servants and then finally his son. The servants who stole his land reject that the land belongs to the father and kill the son. Sound familiar?


Jesus is telling us something absolutely amazing here. He is prophesying his own death. Just think about that for a second. He is sitting in a room surrounded by people, some who believe in him and some who don’t, and predicting his own death. Not only is he predicting that he will be killed, but he is accepting of it. Just like in the parable, he knows that he is going to be put into a situation where people are going to reject him and his words and then, they are going to kill him. 


His response to that is what truly amazes me. He accepts it. Jesus knows that he is going to be killed in a brutal way and yet he is willing to die for people like you and I so that we can be set free. Even when we reject him, he is there for us and loves us. When we realize our wrong doings and return to him, he is there waiting with open arms. Today, just pause for a moment and think about that supreme sacrifice that Jesus made for us and thank him for what he did. I know I will."

Chris Harrington


Uncovered Productions

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