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Luke 2: Read or Listen

Luke 2:7 tells of how our Savior Jesus Christ was born and laid in a manger. It's kind of a crazy story, how they didn't find a hotel or place to stay and ended up in a stable. A interesting thing that pops up in Luke 2:13-14 are the angels appearing to the shepherds to celebrate in song the birth of Jesus. He was such a big deal that "the armies of heaven" praised God.

When the shepherds go to find this special baby, and tells His birth mother, Mary, what the angels sang about, it says in verse 19: "Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often." This experience must have been a overwhelming and wonderful experience for Mary. To think of something often must mean that it is something worth remembering. It makes me think of the day I made a conscious decision to pursue Jesus daily. The day I knew in my heart that He was my Savior! It was to me a overwhelming, yet wonderful experience. I believe that by thinking and remembering your first encounter with Jesus and how it made you feel will fuel you to keep searching for Him, to want to know Him more.


The chapter continues and in verses 36-38 it that Anna the prophetess "never left the temple, but stayed there night and day worshiping God with fasting and prayer." She was hungry for God. She kept pursuing Him because, ultimately, she truly believed He would save her. As believers we should pray and worship God always. We are blessed: Having a family, a place to live, school, clean water, friends, and the list goes on. There is always something to be thankful for even when things are rough. I believe that knowing Jesus is your Saviour, is the greatest truth and peace you can ever know! When we pursue God with all our hearts, we will know Him! We don't always need a preacher or teacher to understand the Word of God. When you seek Him, and come before Him with a thankful heart, you will find truth and peace in your everyday life.

Hanna Fellers

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